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Pave CNC Wire Forming Systems

Worldwide Leader in Wire Bending Technology

PAVE CNC Wire Forming Systems Ltd is not only a leading manufacturer, but probably the original innovator of computer controlled bending machinery for the international wire/tube and heating element forming industries.


Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly and highly competitive single- and twin-head wire forming centres are being used by an international list of clients to manufacture a wide variety of products in a highly diverse range of industries.


Pave opened its doors in 1974 in direct response to industry's need to automate existing labour intensive manufacturing methods. One of the areas in which Pave was given the opportunity to reduce labour costs was the heating element industry, where the forming of tubular heating element shapes entailed a great deal of manual labour.


Although the initial automated techniques were actuated and controlled pneumatically they provided the valuable experience that would later be required to help develop the computer programmable wire forming machines.


In 1985 design of the first computer controlled forming machine was undertaken and after extensive development and testing the first programmable bending machine was launched.


Although these bending machines proved to be a resounding success with both the Wire and Heating Element Industries it soon became evident that Pave needed a permanent test bed facility for the development of its future machines.


Only under true production pressures can new designs be truly tested, this philosophy has resulted in the development of many of Pave's successful products.

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