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25T CNC Tube Bending Forming Machine Manufacturer

PAVE's well-proven 25T tube benders will produce two or three dimensional finished form products in

tube materials of up to 32mm diameter.


Optional additional units available include magazine and hopper feed units, tooling to swage the tube ends, and instrumentation to detect seams which ensures that bends are appropriately positioned with respect to the seam.


The robust design, coupled with quick and easy tooling and product change-over features, ensures minimum down time and maximum productivity.
























  • Capacity up to 32mm diameter tube with wall thickness of up to 3mm.
  • Capable of handling tube lengths of up to 4.0 meters.
  • Repeatability on bend angle +/-0.1 degrees and +/- 0.1 mm on position.
  • Maximum feeder machine load time of 3.0 seconds.
  • Maximum tooling change time of 15 minutes.
  • Both bending heads are independently controllable with 10 speeds of bend, angle and position.
  • Tube rotation unit in excess of 360 degrees with 10 speed settings.
  • Swaging unit for end form reduction.
  • Seam finding unit to orientate bending position.
  • Modem/Live Video Link.
  • Twist Free Wire.
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25T Tube Bender
CNC Tube Bending Forming Machine Manufacturer
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